Letters to the Editor: Don’t Put the Children’s Library on a Lower Level


Letters to the Editor: August 9 – 15, 2018


Don’t Put the Children’s Library on a Lower Level


I was saddened to read in the Falls Church News-Press dated July 26 that there is a decision pending regarding the placement of the Children’s Library in the near future. This decision could place the Children’s Library on a lower level. Let’s not let that happen!

The first time I walked into the Children’s Library, I was immediately taken by all the gentle properties of this room. I was charmed by every details of the room as was my 18-month-old granddaughter. She had been there many times. The window very pleasantly lets us all, children and adults, see the sky, the sun, rain, wind or snow. It gives natural light to the room and it makes the room feel like home.

Our children of today live in a fast-paced society with all the modern technology. A quiet and friendly room made especially for little people is very pleasant. This is a happy room but not demanding or overwhelming and certainly not under the main floor of Mary Riley Styles Library. The quiet calm of the little library embraces its young occupants and their caregivers. It is safe there.

The room has a heart. Let’s keep the Children’s Library on the main floor. Let’s allow our children to come in the front door of Mary Riley Styles Library and go immediately to this magical room.

Patricia Dickey

Falls Church


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