2024-06-24 5:48 PM

Beyer Automotive Wins 3 BZA Variances

(Photo: News-Press)

Three variance requests by Don Beyer Motors, Inc., needed to construct a new two-story building as a motor vehicle showroom on Beyer property at 1119 and 1121 W. Broad were approved by the Falls Church Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) last week. One allowed for the building to be located within 208 feet instead of 300 feet from the R district, one allows a front-yard setback of 20 instead of 25 feet, and one permits the use of the premises for motor vehicle sales.

Beyer attorney Andrew Painter said it was the first time variance for a car use had been permitted in the City in many years. Mike Beyer said it is to set in motion a process for the comprehensive development of the assembled Beyer site.


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