Operation Earthwatch Celebrates 25 Years

(Photo: City of Falls Church)

Falls Church’s environmental action program for elementary school children, Operation Earthwatch, is celebrating 25 years since being founded by citizen volunteers Diane Landry, Mary Bumgartner, Melissa Teates, Mia Mussolino and Barry Buschow, with assists by City staff persons Annette Mills and Kathy Allan, Allison Lorenz and Chris McGough. The front of the t-shirts being given to students to wear at the Memorial Day Parade this year, sponsored by the Falls Church-Annandale Lions Club, were designed by Sylvia Witt, with Lian Henderson’s happy planet on the back.

Special honorees this year include Charlie Alexander, Adam Belouad, Katherine Steyn, Alex Urquhart, Eddie Wang, Erin Kowalski and James Tobin. Kate Walker, F.C. Environmental Programs coordinator, facilitates the group.