Letters to the Editor: Remembering Principled F.C. Advocate Ira Kaylin


Letters to the Editor: March 15 – 21, 2018


Remembering Principled F.C. Advocate Ira Kaylin


The City of Falls Church lost a fierce and deeply principled advocate with the death this week of Ira Kaylin. As many knew, he was an unabashed fiscal realist and had little patience for those whom he felt would put the City and its residents at financial risk. But his was not simply the views of a superbly qualified finance professional. His views reflected his strongly held belief in inter-generational responsibility and the impact that financial decisions would have on the youngest residents of the City. Ira’s sense of fairness and compassion were hallmarks of his work, in addition to a sly and perhaps underappreciated sense of humor.

Ira leaves behind his wife Patricia and sons Robert and James. And the many of us who were lucky enough to call him friend.

Johannah E. Barry

Falls Church


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