Letters to the Editor: Tell Saslaw to Drop His Dominion Power Bill


Letters to the Editor: February 1 – 7, 2018


Tell Saslaw to Drop His Dominion Power Bill


We should demand that Virginia Sen. Richard Saslaw stand up for consumers who are overpaying Dominion Power electric bills.

Virginia voters’ historic electoral sweep in November included a powerful and clear mandate: To reject Dominion Power’s years of campaign money control over state legislators and restore democratic power and energy savings to consumers.

Yet our state senator, Democrat Dick Saslaw, who represents parts of Fairfax County, including the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church, didn’t seem to get the memo. He supported Dominion Power three years ago when the utility succeeded in getting legislation passed that freezes our power rates at high levels, and allows Dominion to keep hundreds of millions of dollars in unearned profits until 2022.

At a Senate committee hearing on Monday, Jan. 16, Senator Saslaw helped kill a bill introduced by Fairfax Senator Chap Petersen that would have ended Dominion’s boondoggle and returned the money to ratepayers. Senator Saslaw said he’s developing an alternative bill with Dominion.
That doesn’t sound good.

Call and email Senator Saslaw’s office and your state delegate to support Delegate Sam Rasoul’s bill, HB 96, lifting the Dominion rate freeze, and stop Sen. Saslaw’s “Dominion-approved” bill.

Karen Torrent

Falls Church


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