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Letters to the Editor: Maybe Dealing With F.C. Is Too Much of a Hassle


Letters to the Editor: January 25 – 31, 2018


Maybe Dealing With F.C. Is Too Much of a Hassle


Before publishing your editorial “WMATA Needs Attitude Adjustment” in last week’s issue, you should have taken a deep breath and thought about the practicalities of any kind of joint endeavor between the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the City of Falls Church with respect to the development of their adjoining properties.

Negotiating the terms of such a joint endeavor (whether it is an actual partnership or just a coordinated development) would be daunting and time-consuming. Take the issue of value: Is every acre of the adjoining properties equal in value? Who would decide and how long would that take?
Then there is management. Would the City’s ownership of less than 30 percent of the combined land entitle it to a veto power on decisions?
Would any mayor and city council be brave enough to give up a share of control of the total project?

On the other hand, should WMATA reasonably be expected to give the (sometimes quirky) city with a minority interest a veto power?

WMATA (with whom I have no connection) could quite reasonably have concluded that any potential benefit it might derive from the coordinated development of the adjoining properties was not worth the hassle.

Wayne Johnson

Falls Church


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