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Feinstein’s Courage Will Change History

A righteous act of revolutionary sisterhood by former San Francisco mayor and veteran U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein has dramatically shifted the balance on the battleground Russian-Trump collusion investigation.

Feinstein’s dramatic decision to defy the prohibition by her Republican committee chair and to release the unclassified 312-page transcript of the Senate Intelligence Committee interview with the head of Fusion GPS, responsible for the infamous Steele Dossier, is the biggest break in the case so far.

And yes, if there remains any justice in this land, not only Trump, but many high level Republicans in Congress, now exposed for their egregious and deliberate coverups and deflections of the evidence of massive Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and of Trump’s collusion with it, will be going to jail. This will go down in history are perhaps the greatest, most widespread scandal in the history of the U.S.

It is astonishing that even as the damning contents of the Fusion GPS interview are being digested, so many Republicans in Congress are insisting on digging themselves even deeper into the hole that, it can be claimed, is headed straight to hell. They’ve continued to insist in a manner more indefensible than ever that the Fusion GPS intelligence and everything associated with it, is somehow a joint Hillary Clinton and FBI conspiracy. This tired, shop-worn tactic of trying to turn the tables, to argue that it is the accuser who must be accused, may have worked for Trump’s old mentor Roy Cohn in the corrupt courtrooms of Manhattan of the 1970s, but not in the face of the investigations well underway by the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, and by an increasingly alert U.S. public that is watching first hand via the Internet and social media and not just sitting idly by.

The entire transcript of the interview is readily available online to be read, unfiltered, by all American citizens, who can draw their own conclusions.

Due to these factors, including this current level of public participation by social media that no corrupt old political dinosaur could anticipate, there is not a single Republican lawmaker, shown to have known better, who will escape the iron hand of justice and public humiliation that are to come. This includes Senate Intelligence Committee chair Grassley, Senator Graham, U.S. Rep. Ryan and the entire hoard of Republican lemmings who have been drilled to parrot their party’s official lies on the subject. They will all be disgraced as slimy traitors in the eyes of the entire world and of history in perpetuity.

The flimsy lie of the Clinton-FBI conspiracy was dashed by Feinstein’s courageous action this week. The interview reveals that the Steele Dossier was hardly the only evidence that the FBI was basing its increasingly grave concerns about Trump and the Russians over the course of 2016.

Other key components, that were corroborated by the Steele Dossier, included the fact that the Australian government forwarded to the FBI in early 2016 based on a drunken conversation that Trump insider George Papadopoulos had with an Australian ambassador in London. Papadopoulos was arrested, pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI and is now cooperating with the investigation.

Another component is an insider inside the Trump team who has been feeding vital information and cooperating with the investigation in an ongoing basis.

The threat of a lawsuit by Trump (my, what a novel idea for him!) against Fusion GPS is designed solely to intimidate anyone who might want to corroborate the claims in the Steele Dossier, but it is the kind of threat that can be a double-edged sword as a lawsuit would open Trump up for discovery, a process aimed at demonstrating credibility for the accusations of a lawsuit, but which could readily blow back in Trump’s face. If there is any lesson to be taken from this, it is to applaud the action by Sister Feinstein to break the rules in the name of truth and justice.

Maybe she was inspired by the new movie, “The Post,” about how the leaking of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg in 1971 ended a war and brought down a presidency.


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