Letters to the Editor: Falls Church Sidewalks Need Improvement


Letters to the Editor: December 14 – 20, 2017


Falls Church Sidewalks Need Improvement


It is nice to see all the upgraded street crossings that the City has completed this past year, but what about the sidewalks?

I enjoy walking every day on our City’s wonderful network of sidewalks. But there are some notable gaps in the network that could use a more attention. For example, there are sidewalks all along Virginia Ave., except for one section on North Virginia Ave between Park and Great Falls Streets. This street borders the west side of Cherry Hill Park and is near the library so there are generally cars parked on both sides, leaving pedestrians the choice of walking down the one lane in the middle of the street dodging passing cars, or walking on people’s lawns. In addition, the City school buses use the street to pick up and let off elementary kids in the middle of the block, so that the children and parents meeting them also face the peril of walking down the middle of the street.

To improve the walkability of our City and better ensure the safety of pedestrians and children, let’s address these gaps and properly compete our sidewalk network.

Ben Stoner

Falls Church


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