New Lounge in Eden Center to Open by New Year’s Eve

A refurbished nightclub space at Eden Center in the City of Falls Church will reopen in time for New Year’s Eve, according to Alan Frank, management director of Eden Center. It will be called the Diva Lounge.

Three other new businesses are now also open in the Vietnamese-American shopping center in the City of Falls Church. They include Besfren, a cosmetics store with a customer target of high school to college aged women, part of a New York based chain. Mango Mango is a dessert restaurant also out of New York with crepe cake and waffles with ice cream and fruit. Viva Tea is in the old Four Sisters restaurant space and makes fancy tea drinks, along with five flavors of popcorn chicken and octopus appetizers called takoyaki.

With the exception of Diva Lounge, all the other new businesses are currently open.