Letters to the Editor: Stick to Local Items in Community News & Notes


Letters to the Editor: November 30 – December 6, 2017


Stick to Local Items in Community News & Notes


Many of your readers enjoy reading “Community News & Notes” in the News-Press to learn what’s going on in Falls Church, our community. So I was surprised to see a picture of Delegate-Elect Danica Roem with Demi Lovato at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

While her election was certainly newsworthy and appropriate for a news story following Election Day, I’m perplexed by your inclusion of a picture of her with a pop star in California in the “Community” section. Clearly you’re a fan, but she isn’t our Delegate and this has nothing to do with happenings in F.C.

It’s your paper but readers would prefer you stick to reporting actual news or local events rather than including irrelevant fluff. We can watch TMZ or buy People if we want to get the latest from Hollywood.

Stewart Fried

Falls Church


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