Letters to the Editor: Double Parking Should Be Prohibited on Broad St.


Letters to the Editor: November 23 – 29. 2017


Double Parking Should Be Prohibited on Broad St.


I’ve witnessed, on a more and more regular basis, delivery trucks double parked on W. Broad St. for extended periods, impeding already slow traffic. Once, two were double parked within a block of each other.

Technically, I guess this is OK because there are no signs posted prohibiting it but I can’t think of any other city that would allow this behavior on their main drag in the middle of the day.

The city should post signs prohibiting this and police should be more diligent in having these trucks move off the main drag, or schedule deliveries for early in the morning or late at night. In most cases, it is possible for the truck to pull off the street, at some inconvenience to them. But the convenience of travelers outweighs the additional steps needed to deliver goods.

CA Raymond

Falls Church


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