Letters to the Editor: Drivers, Bikers, Walkers: All Need to Pay Attention


Letters to the Editor: November 16 – 22, 2017


Drivers, Bikers, Walkers: All Need to Pay Attention


Scot Walker’s recent letter to the editor about cyclists violating traffic laws nearly hitting him reminded me of an article I read in The Washington Post in 2015. It was written by a cyclist admitting she violated the traffic laws to get ahead of the cars. She was afraid of the drivers not giving her enough space to maneuver.

I do not ride a bike. I walk a lot and often noticed lack of sidewalks as an issue. When crossing the streets, especially near East Falls Church Metro, I step out gingerly from the curb, as I know for sure cars do not look for nor wait for pedestrians in the walkway or corner. No one seems to care about No Turn On Red signs, especially those signs that say in small print when pedestrians are present. (I find these signs useless….How about “To Pedestrians: Cross at Your Own Risk..even on Green”).

I see drivers with cell phones glued to their heads. I see distracted but animated drivers talking, hands free. I witness distracted pedestrians in parking lots walking right in front of cars…oblivious to impending crash….I see drivers pulling out of their parking spaces and immediately using one hand to pull out their phone. Why can’t they carry on a phone conversation while the car is still parked?

We human beings are flawed. Some are seriously in need of a refresher course in common etiquette. We are all perceived as bullies by someone else, with possible fatal consequences — distracted driving, walking, cycling — not using our thinking cap or peripheral vision.

Helen Litoy

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