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Tinner Hill & Dulin Plan “Race and Reconciliation”

The Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation and Dulin United Methodist Church (513 E. Broad St., Falls Church) will hold a Race and Reconciliation service from 4 – 6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29 at Dulin.

Speakers will include the Reverend Laura Martin of Rock Spring Congregational Church in Arlington. Rev. Martin was a leader of the triage teams in Charlottesville and assisted the first wounded to be brought to the hospital, including a woman who required over a dozen stitches to close a wound.

Pastor James Page of Galloway United Methodist Church in Falls Church and the Rev. John Ohmer, rector of the Falls Church Episcopal, will also speak. Pastor Dave Kirkland of Dulin will speak and then moderate the discussion, during which people will be encouraged to express their concerns and ask questions.

Tinner Hill President Alex Boston will chair the meeting. Afterward, a reception of reconciliation will be held at the church.
For additional information, please contact Tinner Hill at 703-241-4109.