Letters to the Editor: Make an Informed Decision This November


Letters to the Editor: October 5 – 11, 2017


Make an Informed Decision This November


The national headlines these days are full of s​hocking and upsetting news, and even our Little City is grappling with some big decisions. It’s tempting to throw up your hands, lash out, or simply disconnect. But instead, I encourage our community to take action — especially at the local level. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Make your voice count by getting informed and getting involved. One chance to do so is on Election Day, November 7, when we’ll select our local and state representatives. (If you will be out of town or have business outside of the city on Election Day, in-person absentee voting is already underway – cast your ballot now to avoid conflicts later. For those of you new to town or new to the ballot box, the last day to register to vote is October 16.​)​ And for​ everyone, we always have volunteer openings on our boards and commissions if you’d like to stay involved in local decisions beyond Election Day.

One of our biggest local decisions this fall is the George Mason High School bond referendum. ​Emotions are high and scary predictions abound; after all, there’s a lot of money involved​ and it’s about our children and the future of the city. But because $120 million is a big undertaking for our little community, I urge my neighbors to make their decisions based on real facts, not selective facts or alternative facts. We’re better — and smarter — than that. A great deal of study has gone into researching options, risks, and mitigation plans. Much of this information is available online, or in the videos of past community forums. You can also reach out to me or other City officials to discuss the real facts and figures.

What makes our democracy great is free speech and civil discourse, where different points of view can be debated and not attacked. I still optimistically believe Falls Church will rise to the occasion and separate fact from rhetoric, and I urge you to make an informed decision on November 7.

​Letty Hardi​

Falls Church


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