Letters to the Editor: Room for Competition In City of Falls Church


Letters to the Editor: September 28 – October 4, 2017


Room for Competition In City of Falls Church


I’ve lived in the City for 23 years and bicycle my way through it on a daily basis. For over 15 years I have used the services of the Bike Club at 438 S. Washington St. While the store is overly cluttered – kind of like the Gardiner Art Museum in Boston – I have always found the work to be of fine quality and very reasonably priced. The owner and his employees are outgoing, resourceful and very efficient. Not everyone feels the same and they have other choices to care for their cycles. In the last few years many other, more expensive shops have appeared in the City; and while they may be more spacious, they are also much more expensive.

Recently, one of these new shops had the Bike Club cited for its cluttered interior causing it to close its doors until it could come up to code.While it is everyone’s right to work in the business they desire, it is not one’s right to use subterfuge to put a competitor out of business. If your product is better you will earn business without having to scrape for reasons to put them out of business. There is room for business competition based on the quality of the service.

Steve Morse

Falls Church


Reporting On Referendum Debate Was Not Balanced


I was disappointed by the News-Press coverage of the Oxford style debate on the referendum to finance $120 million bond for the construction of a new George Mason High School. Instead of further informing the public by reporting pro and con positions on key issues affecting this controversial matter, you chose to simply say a debate had occurred.

Further, the percentage change for the “no” vote actually increased by 33 percent and the “yes” vote by only 17 percent. Your reporting is in error.
The News-Press reporting on the referendum has not been balanced.

Curtis Schaeffe

Falls Church


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