Letters to the Editor: Sze Commentary Shows Leadership Is the Problem


Letters to the Editor: August 3 – 9, 2017


 Sze Commentary Shows Leadership Is the Problem


Like the majority of our local citizens, I’m a strong proponent of excellent schools, and have followed closely over the past few years as citizens and officials alike have worked tirelessly to find a solution for a new high school. Councilman Sze’s recent guest commentary sounds like it should have been written by an outsider looking in, not a member of the very city council tasked with tackling this initiative. Why are there so many questions left unanswered? Why does it seem like this is a rudderless ship adrift at sea? Simply put, I’m speechless.

How is it that with the current leadership, we have spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultant fees, experts, outside counsel and strategic facilitation” and we are no further along than when we started? How is it that someone in current “leadership” can be so negligent they feel it is satisfactory to not only spend these tax dollars and not “move the needle,” but then also write a commentary listing excuses and their lack of qualifications?

If this is an “approach and not a strategy” as Mr. Sze states, why did he not help manage those consultants and experts to deliver based on the milestones city council should be setting?

“Many questions remain unanswered.” he says. Mr. Sze voted “no” because of these unanswered questions, however isn’t it his job to get these answers for the Falls Church community? And hasn’t he had four years to do so?

This commentary asks more questions the “common” citizen is probably not aware of and accentuates a lack of leadership. If someone with four years on the council is writing a commentary asking all these questions (or telling us why they haven’t moved forward), then we obviously need new leadership.

There is a solution here. It requires individuals with the knowledge, experience, and the right attitude to get us there. There are 13 questions Councilman Sze asks us, the reader. Don’t we want someone who is providing answers or a path to get those answers?
Remember, “those who can, do.”

Richard Thomas

Falls Church


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