Letters to the Editor: Editor Should Apologize For Calling Us ‘Chintzier’


Letters to the Editor: July 27 – August 2, 2017


Editor Should Apologize For Calling Us ‘Chintzier’


I think that the editor and publisher of the News-Press can be forgiven for not reading the Washington Post thoroughly on a regular basis. He has a newspaper to run. He chose to put on the front page of the July 20 issue, “City of Falls Church Ranked 2nd Wealthiest.” Several pages later on the editorial page he calls Falls Church citizens “Wealthier & Chintzier.” However, if he had read Dana Hedgpeth’s July 13 article in the Post, he would know that the Washington, D.C. area tops the list of cities where it’s hardest to stretch a $100,000 income.

“D.C. and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs ranked No. 381 — out of 381 metro areas — in a report by Magnify Money called ‘The Best and Worst Cities to Live on Six Figures,’ which looked at metro areas across the country where a family earns roughly $100,000 and still has a tough time making ends meet, given expenses.” Having an income over $100,000 doesn’t signify wealth. Ms. Hedgpeth makes the argument that the high cost of living in the D.C. area negates any advantages a higher salary might bring. A review of 20th century history would reveal that in Weimar, Germany, a 10 million mark yearly income might buy several loaves of bread and nothing else.

It’s not the amount of money coming in that defines wealth and affluence but the amount of money going out for essentials of day to day living. Anyone with an income that is not continuously rising (and many are not!) will soon find that even a $100,000 income isn’t enough to survive in the wealthy “county” of Falls Church. I think Mr. Benton owes an apology to all the citizens of the city of Falls Church.

David Urban

Falls Church


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