Letters to the Editor: F.C. Schools are Taxing, Outdated & Unsustainable


Letters to the Editor: May 4 – 10, 2017


F.C. Schools are Taxing, Outdated & Unsustainable


It is time for Falls Church citizens to realize our school system is outdated, unsustainable and extremely taxing for our residents! I salute Mayor David Tarter, Mr. Phil Duncan and Mr. Dan Sze for their courage and awareness which signifies their progressive thinking.

Shame on you Marybeth Connelly, Letty Hardi, Karen Oliver and David Snyder for placing your personal parochial, outdated and selfish views before the thoughts, views and desires of most of the citizens of this city! Note the results of recent polls in the paper which indicate there is a growing dissatisfaction with the operation of the school system in its present format. I also realize that some citizens react towards this school issue as passionately as some feel about religion, politics, sports teams and such. It can be an emotional issue but cannot and should not be addressed as such.

The focus of my letter is not only on the prohibitive costs but also on how the students are being shortchanged by a program that is 85 percent white when all surrounding districts are more representative of the population throughout this area and most of this country. They are being denied resources, opportunities and exposure to the attitudes and behaviors of the cultural differences throughout our country. A “mostly white” education system — and town — is not helping develop anyone for success in our future and the global workplace. A continued program as you are promoting will inevitably fail and take a lot of the city’s resources with that failure! Are you going to be part of that embarrassment?

As a community, we must advance into the 21st Century sensibly, flexibly, and collectively and not be “dragged” into it kicking and screaming like spoiled adults feeling “entitled, superior and privileged” like Trump! It is past time for some Council members to place the future welfare of the city, the citizens and most significantly the students before your own selfish concerns!

John Boeddeker

Falls Church


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