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Letters to the Editor: When Will We Stop Fearing the Unfamiliar?


Letters to the Editor: March 9 – 15, 2017


When Will We Stop Fearing the Unfamiliar?


In light of the recently struck down immigration ban enacted by President Trump and a likely replacement I would like to thank the documentary makers of “Somaliland” for the work they are doing to share the stories of students from the Abaarso School who work towards attending an American university.

What most surprised me within the article was the quote from Hamse who not only considered the ban unexpected but had faith that the people will overturn the ban. This proved to be the case, with many advocating for the rights of those who were suddenly prevented access into the country. Many wonder what will happen when a new law is enacted. My question however is, when will a nation built by immigrants stop fearing what is unfamiliar?

Globalization through the internet allows the world to interact, learn from and trade with different nations. But with all the new and unknown aspects of this interconnected world, our differences have started to be questioned and feared. Worse is how a small but dangerous minority such as ISIL has exploited this fear and acted in such a way that colours the beliefs of many against those of the Muslim faith or nation. I hope sharing the stories of students dreaming for a better life outside their war-torn homes helps evolve our thoughts in regards to citizens of Muslim nations from suspicion to kindness.

Celia Gieser

Falls Church


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