Falls Church Cherry Blossoms Already in Bloom


With temperatures hitting near-record highs last week and the spring-like weather continuing through today, cherry blossom trees in the Little City have already begun to bloom. Trees lining Park Avenue in the City of Falls Church are showing off their bright pink blossoms this week, days before the National Park Service is expected to make its prediction for D.C.’s peak bloom season.

Last year, peak bloom — defined as the day when 70 percent of the Yoshino cherry blossoms are open in the District’s Tidal Basin area — occurred on March 25, according to the National Park Service. The earliest recorded peak bloom was March 19 in 1990 and the latest was April 18 in 1958. No word on a prediction for Falls Church’s peak bloom season.

Unseasonably warm temperatures in Falls Church are expected to continue to tomorrow with a forecast of a high of 77 degrees before dropping down to 50 on Thursday and into the 40s on Friday and Saturday.