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VPIS Looks to Fill Open Positions

This year, the City of Falls Church will be considering and finalizing a number of capital projects and some changes to the City Code. As in years past, the Board of Directors of VPIS plans to be an active contributor to the review and debate about issues important to the City. VPIS intends to continue to provide the City and its residents its opinions about what will improve Falls Church and what may not, and to sponsor meetings to help inform the public about the projects and decisions facing the City.

This year, the Board of Directors has assigned one member of the Board to be the point person for each development project, plus trees and the Environment, for which there’s been a long-standing interest. Any member of VPIS should feel free to contact the appropriate Board member with opinions or issues about a project, or to volunteer his or her assistance to VPIS during the review process. Those individuals are:

George Mason High School project: Dennis Szymanski
Library: Jeff Peterson
Streetscape: Keith Thurston
Cottage Housing: Lisa Varouxis
Mason Row: Michael Connelly
City Hall: Keith Thurston
Environmental Issues: Tim Stevens
Trees: Seth Heminway
Downtown: Ruth Rodgers

The Board of Directors currently has two vacancies on the Board, so anyone interested in joining the Board should contact any member of the Board. They are all listed, with contact information, at In addition, volunteers are needed for three important posts. The first is Treasurer. The second is Membership Chair, which consists of ensuring that mailings to members go out, and working with the Board to think of ways to expand membership. Each of those is a position on the Board of Directors, which meets on the second Thursday of each month.

The third position is particularly important. The Attic Treasures event is the main method of funding VPIS. This year, it will take place on Saturday, April 29. Although there have been a number of volunteers for the event, a person to direct the project is needed. If you are interested, please let one of the members of the Board of Directors know.