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Annandale Organization Joins Adoptee Rights Campaign

The National Korean American Service and Education Consortium joined the Adoptee Rights Campaign to launch the Family Is More Than DNA Postcard Campaign on Tuesday, Sept. 6. The campaign is aimed at supporting the Adoptee Citizenship Act.

Adoptees, adoptive parents, community-based organizations, religious institutions and the broader community are being encouraged by the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium and the Adoptee Rights Campaign encouraged to join the movement by signing postcards in-person and online.

The postcards urge Congress to support and prioritize remedying an issue that has plagued the adoptee community for decades; that a significant number of international adoptees lack U.S. citizenship. “We are proud to join the adoptee-led movement that seeks justice for the thousands of intercountry adoptees without U.S. citizenship. These adoptees came as children and many now have children of their own,” said Dae Joong Yoon, executive director of the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium.

“There are adoptees struggling to support their families, find or keep their jobs, cover legal fees to uncover why they are not citizens, and are subject to being detained or deported to a country they do not even remember…. We urge Congress to do its job now by granting these individuals what was promised by the U.S. government, sending countries, and adoption agencies: U.S. citizenship.” For more information, visit or email