Letters to the Editor: $1 Million for Traffic Calming in Falls Church? Calming?


Letters to the Editor: September 15 – 21, 2016


$1 Million for Traffic Calming in Falls Church?


I was shocked to read in Mayor Tarter’s “State of the City” interview that “the City is going to be spending about a million dollars on… traffic calming” at Big Chimneys Park (presumably, its north end by West Broad Street).

Good grief, Annandale Road there has about 200 meters between extant three-way stop sign and a traffic light (at Maple), and hardly such traffic as needs to be “calmed.”

A million dollars here, a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking Real Money – to borrow an old quotation.
We grow tired of the continual wagging of the dog by the lofty visions for our schools – whose expensive, better-than-others status seems to be a beginning premise to everything, as opposed to living within means. Education as a class separator!

Dan Lehman

Falls Church


We Need More People Like Tom Clinton


I am making an early endorsement in support of Tom Clinton for Commissioner of the Revenue, Falls Church.

Last week during one of our 90+ degree days, I came across Mr. Clinton in the City Hall parking lot as he was assisting a senior citizen (aged 78, I’m told). Armed with solvents and scrapers, he was removing some outdated adhesive tax and/or parking labels from the car.

Mr Clinton was wearing professional business attire (dress shirt, necktie) while working (and sweating) to aid a citizen in need. Mr Clinton’s effort were not for show: there was no audience and no photo op. He was just genuinely helping a resident-in-need with no expectation of recognition.

Government officials seldom get credit for efforts over and beyond what is required. Mr. Clinton has my vote and full endorsement: we need more like him.

G T Bowman

Falls Church


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