2024-07-17 7:53 PM

Fairfax County School Board Tables Discussion on Transgender Protection

by SeoJin Ahn

The Fairfax County School Board decided after an extensive closed session on Monday, July 18 to suspend the discussion of the proposed regulation regarding transgender and other gender nonconforming students. The decision was made as the school board wished to wait for the Supreme Court decision on the transgender bathroom policy case to continue discussion.

Ryan McElveen, At-Large School Board Member of Fairfax County Public Schools, stated that though the work session will not be held as planned, non-cisgender students would be accommodated to by “a case-by-case basis as has been done in the past”. Students that identify as another gender than their given ones at birth will also be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with or given access to single-stall restrooms.

The Board will continue to evaluate legal implications as well as the opinions of the community to reach a decision.





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