2024-05-29 8:15 PM

The Young Group closed this week on the purchase of three subdivided lots at 1006 Railroad Avenue that have been underutilized and in disrepair for years. The purchase price was over $1 million. Young will pursue a classic cottage colony as they first appeared in Southern California in 1909. The units would be 1,000–1,200 sq. ft. each, all with front porches, one or one-and-a-half stories tall, with a traditional “cottage” architecture style clustered around a large common garden. The units would be sold only to seniors 55 and up. Cars would all be parked at one end of the site in a covered carport with solar panels on the roof and other sustainable features.

It is being considered that each owner would have an electric bike included as a part of their purchase price, and it is being planned to work with the City of Falls Church and Northern Virginia Park authorities to create a small park at one end of the property.





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