2024-05-27 2:11 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

The White Male Pig Gotterdammerung

nfbenton-mugPoor William Kristol, quoted at the outset of the Republican National Convention this week by Ben Terris in the Washington Post lamenting that his party’s nomination of Donald Trump for President of the U.S. is “the last gasp of civilization, the end of the Roman Empire.”

Kristol, of course, as editor of the Weekly Standard, is a charter member among those neo-conservatives who ran the George W. Bush administration and by way of that, the nation into the ground. What he’s witnessing this week in Cleveland is the product of his own making. The same can be said for anti-Trump Republican Michael Gerson, crying crocodile tears in every Post column over the rise of Trump and the trashing of his beloved GOP.

The GOP convention this week has been little more than a lynch mob. Delegates have been drowning out dull speakers by chanting anti-Hillary Clinton mantras every day. Tuesday night’s program was supposed to focus on what Trump would do to help the little guy with the economy. But there were no specifics to be had, none whatsoever.

So, Kristol’s lament does have a ring of truth to it, the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire part, anyway. This week marks the death knell of stupid, straight, white male chauvinist pigs’ dominion over U.S. culture. This is their Gotterdammerung.

Think about it. No stupid white male has been able to stop the uber-bully Trump. It will take a woman to do that, and I think she will.

What white male pigs in the GOP have demonstrated is their unfitness to lead, instead grovelling before Trump in a blatantly shameful way. There’s Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence, who was made to eat almost all of his previously heart-felt positions to awkwardly conform to Trump. Then there are the loser VP picks, Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie. Gingrich, in a last ditch desperate attempt to win Trump’s favor, departed from his own form by calling for even more draconian immigration restraints than Trump himself. That outdid even Christie’s disingenuous convention speech Tuesday night.

So much for any principled standards that Paul Ryan or party chair Reince Priebus had given lip service to.

Then there is the case of the sudden fall of Fox News’ Roger Ailes on multiple allegations of sexual abuse. This is relevant not only in terms of timing, but because this particular stupid white male pig has been so instrumental in driving a relentless high profile barrage of lies against Clinton and her Democratic colleagues for so long.

Moreover, this comes just weeks after GOP darling Ken Starr was forced out of his leadership role at the Christian evangelical Baylor University because he condoned and covered up multiple cases of sexual abuse by male Baylor athletes.

Then there is the entire entourage of evangelical preachers who have thrown any shards of morality to the wind to cowtow to the blatantly immoral Trump. The religious right can now be declared officially dead by this. I can’t feel a bit sorry about that, but never imagined it would happen in one of the greatest public displays imaginable of disregard for Biblical principles by these people.

The more all these stupid white men have been insulted and held in contempt by Trump, the more they’ve fallen on their knees to grovel before him.

The relentless attacks on Clinton at the GOP convention have not only been a smokescreen for the party’s complete lack of programs, policies and ideas, but are is also designed to divert attention from the fact that Trump, of the two candidates, is far more associated over the course of his career with contemptuous and ostensibly criminal activity.

With Republicans in the Congress drumming up relentless accusations against Clinton, and then ignoring entirely the results of official investigations which have exonerated her, they’ve deployed the tactic of, whenever questionable business practices or behaviors of Trump arise, to shout them down with groundless charges against Clinton.

The media have been far too kind to this kind of behavior, willing to acknowledge a moral equivalency that is simply not there. There is no moral equivalency between Trump and Clinton, whatsoever.





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