U.S. Postal Service Truck Gets Stuck in Falls Church Backyard

(Photo: Courtesy of Bill McGinnies)
(Photo: Courtesy of Bill McGinnies)

A United States Postal Service truck got stuck in a “wet and muddy” backyard at 413 E. Broad Street in Falls Church on Tuesday, May 17 around 1:30 p.m., according to a tip received by the News-Press from Bill McGinnies, one of the residents of the property.

McGinnies said the he discovered a man walking around his backyard on Tuesday afternoon and called the Falls Church Police Department because the man “wasn’t in uniform.” Moments later he discovered the man walking around his backyard was a United States Postal Service employee who was not in uniform, but making a delivery to a house in McGinnies’ neighborhood.

According to McGinnies, the man said that he was attempting to turn his car around using McGinnies’ driveway and drove onto the backyard lawn in order to make a u-turn to “because he couldn’t put the truck in reverse,” McGinnies said. And that’s when the truck got stuck in McGinnies’ backyard, which was softened due to the precipitation the area has been experiencing recently.

The man called his supervisor, he said, and the supervisor came out to the scene and called someone from the company to attempt to pull the car out of the rut it was stuck in, to no avail. After that, they called a tow truck, who came and pulled the truck out of the rut at around 3 p.m.

McGinnies said that the truck did severe damage to his backyard and did not get a clear answer from the United States Postal Service on whether or not they would pay for the repairs.