Letters to the Editor: Yes, Predatory Towing Hurts Local Merchants


Letters to the Editor: March 3 – 9, 2016


Yes, Predatory Towing Hurts Local Merchants


Yes, local merchants, Roger Freeley is correct that predatory towing hurts local businesses.

I learned my predatory towing lesson the expensive way.

Occasionally we had been visiting restaurants in the Ballston area until once for a Sunday brunch we could find no street parking, so we parked in a half-empty parking lot where all but one of the businesses were listed as being closed for Sunday. We walked across the street to a restaurant, enjoyed our brunch and came back to find our auto had been towed. We have never been back and never intend to purchase anything in the Ballston area.
Consequently, we order items on the internet, drive to a mall for restaurants and shopping and visit local shops and restaurants if they are within easy walking distance.

City Council and merchants, I am sure this has happened many times over when outsiders have visited the City of Falls Church.

David Blanchard

Falls Church



Winter Hill Association Does Not Oppose New Bus Stop


We would like to correct the record regarding an article in the News-Press on February 25, 2016 stating that the Winter Hill Community Association opposes a bus stop on Broad St. in front of the new Harris Teeter.

The association has not been made aware of any concerns within our community about this bus stop, we have never discussed it at a board meeting, and we have certainly not taken any kind of official position opposing it.

The association and individual leaders within our community have had a collaborative relationship with HITT/Rushmark and Falls Church City officials throughout the planning and construction process of the Harris Teeter and 301 W Broad apartments.

Diane Bartley

Vice President, Winter Hill Community Association


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