Letters to the Editor: Why Support a Costly & Outdated School System?


Letters to the Editor: March 10 – 16, 2016


Why Support a Costly & Outdated School System?


The school superintendent totally disregarded Wayne Shields’ request for a zero-growth budget. She ignored citizen input last year when 62 percent of respondents voted not to select any of her requests and still she sent the most expensive option to the board. How is that action representing the citizens’ input?

Last year the school board wrote in the Press that 60 percent of respondents to a survey said they chose Falls Church as home because of the schools. Where was this survey posted? How valid and reliable is this 60-percent data or is it of the “cherry picked” variety? (Taken at a PTA meeting?) My research shows that approximately a third of resident housing have children, therefore the figure cited by the school board seems “extreme.” I believe the vice-mayor said that without our excellent school system our city is finished!? Is quality of schools in the top three considerations for property value, marketing, etc.? How does the “secret reason” Falls Church has a separate school system affect this city in the areas of education, social, financial and demographics? Why support a system that was initiated due to bigotry, racism and fear?

Why not survey households without children to determine our thoughts about this limited, outdated and costly system? Responses could be questionable since we lack a forum such as the PTA as a process of “getting out the vote.” The goal of these letters is to alert all voters – including the 40 percent-plus that fail to turn out – to be more aware of other fiscally feasible choices and how statistics and substance can be manipulated to support the author’s (school’s) agenda.

John Boeddeker

Falls Church


If You Don’t Want to Be Towed, Follow the Rules


On the subject of predatory towing, if there is a visible sign that says that you are not allowed to park there at the time you are there, I fail to see how getting towed is anyone else’s fault but the driver. The parking lot owner has a right to allow/disallow parking as he/she chooses. If you fail to follow those rules, you get towed. It’s similar to having someone park in your driveway while you’re at work and not using your driveway. It’s not hurting anyone, but you probably would not want it.

Manny Sidhu

Falls Church


Parents Should Spend More Time With Their Kids


I am writing in to talk about the Netpure product which was in the news previously. I want to start off by saying that I think it’s great there is concern over what kids these days can find on the Internet. Growing up in the generation that first had cellphones, I can understand that, for many people, this new technology was a rapid change we as a society are slowly being accustomed to and seeing the effects it has on our everyday life. However, as much as it is your right to limit what your kids do online, I think this product speaks to a bigger issue that has come about as a result of it being the norm to own a smartphone, and that is the issue of alienation.

Kids growing up these days have such easy access to the online world, what with it being right at their fingertips, and unfortunately, this can lead to a home life where family time is limited. The issue with Netpure is that you are using machines to try to solve a problem that can be done in person. The reality is, kids are smarter than you think and if you are open and upfront with them as a parent about what is and isn’t acceptable for them to be doing online, then it shows your trust in them to make their own decisions while also giving them the freedom to choose without deciding for yourself what they can and cannot do. If people are worried about the amount of time kids spend online then they should be making an effort themselves to play with their kids and get them out of the house from time to time. Kids grow up fast so the more time you invest in them will be reflected in what kind of person they will grow up to be.

Nathan Sese

Falls Church


Writers Use Angry Tones to Denounce Angry Tones


It’s always interesting to read columns from the likes of Nicholas Benton and Wayne Besen, who lament the angry tone of today’s politics while at length smearing anyone who does not share their personal views as ignorant bigots. It’s ironic that the people who scream the loudest for civility are the ones least capable of practicing it.

Jeff Walyus

Falls Church


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