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Falls Church Crawfish: Tale of the Tape

Pinch the tail. Suck the head. Get messy. That’s the way to tackle mudbugs, crayfish, crawdads or however you choose to refer to those mini-lobsters.

When Hot N Juicy opened its doors on West Broad Street earlier this April, it marked the third restaurant within a three-mile radius around Falls Church to serve up the bayou favorite. Chasin’ Tails was first on the scene, debuting just over the City line in Arlington in 2012, followed by New Orleans Cajun Seafood in Seven Corners a year later.

In the midst of this crawfish invasion, we broke down each of the three Falls Church area joints by cost, flavors, spice level, crawfish size, supplied mix-ins and more.

(An F.C. crawfish tip: while each joint claims to take their spice level seriously, Chasin’ Tails and Hot N Juicy can’t compare to the spicy inferno served up at New Orleans Cajun Seafood. Trust us.)