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F.C. Students Earn Academic Honors at Virginia Tech

Several students from Falls Church earned academic honors from at Virginia Tech during the spring semester of 2015.

Sumner P. Askin, Jessica M. Auclair, Bruce M. Ayliff, Arman M. Bahraini, Brand L. Carson, Cole I. Benedict, Abigail E. Bent, Miguel A. Choi, Moses Cho, Fareez O. Chowdhury, Kristina Danielyan, Meagan C. David, Sarah E. Devlin, Giang P. Dieple, Gabriella R. DiPetto, William M. Doty, Peter J. Duffy, Mary C. Fleury, Jeremy D. Garner, Ernesto S. Guardia Gonzales, Brian R. Henderson, Timothy J. Hilliard, Casey L. Hoff, Su Jung Kang, Sebastian J. Kaye, Jaclyn A. Koger, Nicholas S. Krall, Nora A. Lam, Mir Nima Yahyazadeh Langroudi, Mary K. Lecos, Sally E. Lewis, Jessica Lim, Evan K. Massaro, Erin S. McDougall, Erika S. Moscoso, Magdalina L. Moses, Caroline F. Murphy, Melanie C. Norton, Patrick E. O’Brien, Veronica I. O’Rourke, Emily M. Palacios, Bishal Paudel, Walter C. Porzel, Peter E. Price, Brittany M. Rorrer, Marek B. Salanski, Kallen J. Shea, Jay R. Sheth, John W. Spidi, Tinsaye Y. Sume, Alexander C. Talati, Anastasia Tolstikhin, Triet X. Truong, Paige A. Veoni, Anthony J. Wagner, Katharine I. Wakeley, Joseph C. Weissman, Leah H. Worley and Nizar B. Zahed made the dean’s list at Virginia Tech, where students must complete at least 12 credit hours graded on the A-F grade scale and earn a 3.4 grade point average to be named to the list.