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Press Pass: The Quebe Sisters

The Quebe Sisters (Courtesy Photo)
The Quebe Sisters (Courtesy Photo)

The Quebe Sisters, a trio of fiddlers from a suburb of Fort Worth, Tx., have been playing music together virtually their entire lives. They attended their local fiddle competition in 1998 and decided that’s what they wanted to do with their lives.

“We’ve had different bandmates over the years and it’s definitely a different dynamic to work with people you met two months ago versus someone you’ve spent your whole life with,” said Hulda Quebe, the youngest sister.

“We feel really fortunate that we can play music together and be a family. Not a lot of people have the opportunity that we have, so I think it makes for a really fun dynamic and also it’s nice to have family on the road with you.”

She said that being on the road with her sisters cuts out a bit of homesickness that can touring can bring on but that they will act as siblings, or even most bandmates, will act.

“Three of us, we know each other,” Hulda said. “And of course we’re siblings, so we get into our fair share of little arguments. But I think the cool thing about us is that we really have the same vision for what we do. We grew up focusing on the same stuff and listening to the same styles of music and just really doing everything together, so we’re really in sync when it comes to the vision for our music and for our band and it’s really fun to work with people you’re so in sync with.”

She said that she and her sisters have developed an efficient way of non-verbally communicating with each other on stage.

“We can kind of look at each other and read each others’ minds,” she said. “Sometimes we’ll be on stage and I can look at one of my sisters and I can tell telepathically tell them something without having to say it with words.”

When Hulda spoke with the News-Press, she and her sisters Sophia and Grace were on day 14 of a 26-day tour, most of which will spent on the East Coast.

Hulda said that they aren’t mixing up their set list much even though they’ve been playing different sorts of venues like concert halls and music festivals.

“It’s been fun to bring our music out here and see how the audiences respond and bring some Texas music up to the East Coast,” she said.

The Quebe Sisters will be coming to Alexandria for a Saturday night show at Grist Mill Park. Hulda said the East Coast audiences have been responding well to their Texas-brand of Americana music.

“We’ve played out here a couple times over the years and this is about our third time coming out here to the Eastern states and it’s been really good,” she said. They’ve been playing material from their album Every Which-A-Way, which was released last year by Grace’s Qsb Entertainment, and other new material that they’re working on.

Despite being the youngest sibling, Hulda said that she doesn’t get picked on anymore while they’re on the road. Instead, Hulda and Grace, the oldest sister, turn their attention to Sophia, the middle sister.

“We still pick on the middle sister the most, but she deserves it,” she joked. “She’s just really easy to trick and she’s gullible and she says a lot of funny stuff so it’s easy to make fun of her. But she’s super fun. When were growing up we joked that we didn’t have a TV because Sophia was our entertainment.”

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