Bjerke Reappointed, Sworn In as F.C. Registrar

David Bjerke was officially reappointed yesterday as the City of Falls Church General Registrar for a four year term by the Electoral Board. The General Registrar is responsible for registering voters, maintaining current voter registration records, and establishing and maintaining public places for voter registration. “Mr. Bjerke’s reappointment is based on outstanding election practices and devotion to quality work,” said Renee Bergmann Andrews, Secretary of the Electoral Board. “He exemplifies the highest level of standard of a Registrar of Voters—principles over partisanship. We are immensely proud to appoint him to a new four year term.”

In addition to his regular responsibilities, Mr. Bjerke has written and published several articles on election administration and processes that have been highly regarded by election professionals across the country, and he has served on state and national panels of election experts. He is also leading the statewide legislative effort to enact vote center legislation.