2024-05-28 6:47 PM
Bianca Jackson (Fairfax County Police Dept.)
Bianca Jackson (Fairfax County Police Dept.)

Two women from Washington, D.C. are facing charges of assault on law enforcement officers and larceny after an incident at Tyson’s Corner Center on Thursday afternoon. Plain clothes officers assigned to the Tyson’s Urban Team and shopping center allegedly observed the two women – Bianca Jackson, 23 and Kenya Crawley, 24 – shoplifting from stores in the mall at around 2 p.m.

Kenya Crawley. (Fairfax County Police Dept.)
Kenya Crawley. (Fairfax County Police Dept.)

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, the two women were taking items and placing them in bags and leaving the stores. When Jackson and Crawley were approached by officers both of the suspects resisted arrest, the department reported in a press release about the incident.

According to police, they kicked, bit and spat at officers and a total of five officers were injured. Jackson and Crawley were eventually safely subdued, charged and transported to the Fairfax Adult Detention Center. Neither of the suspects was injured.

More than $12,000 in merchandise, mostly make up and high-end lingerie, was recovered at the scene. The suspects were charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, grand larceny and larceny with intent to sell.





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