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FCCPD Employees Honored for Work to Prevent DUI

Four employees of the City of Falls Church Police Department were honored with awards from the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and Mothers Against Drunk Driving earlier this month. Private first class Alex Cruzvergara and officers Joseph Karlinsey, Carly Lumsden and Nancy Kent recognized at the 24th Annual Awards for Excellence in Community Service and Public Safety on Friday, May 1.

The awards went to the leaders of enforcing driving under the influence laws among Northern Virginia police departments. Cruzvergara and Karlinsey’s efforts combined have totaled more than 52 percent of the department’s total arrests for driving under the influence and alcohol-related offenses this past year. They also led a project to reduce all Alcohol Beverage Control violations, such as underage drinking, serving after hours and over-serving intoxicated patrons.

Lumsden and Kent provide statistical data that assists officers and the public with alcohol-related public safety awareness and education. They review arrest paperwork and document violations to allow for easier tracking and to inform officers of the areas that need increased patrol.