Mayors of F.C. & Vienna in Solar Challenge

Falls Church Mayor David Tarter and Vienna Mayor Laurie DiRocco have issued a challenge to each other and will join in a friendly competition to see whose community can enroll the greatest number of participants for free home energy checkups and solar PV reviews as part of the Solarize NoVA campaign. “The City of Falls Church is a leader in environmental sustainability and stewardship, mostly recently becoming Virginia’s first EPA Green Power Community” said F.C. Mayor Tarter. “I am confident that we will prevail.” Mayor DiRocco retorted, “We may be a small town, but we have a very engaged citizenry who very much supports our sustainability practices and efforts to protect the environment. I look forward to Mayor Tarter having to come to the Vienna Town Council to offer his congratulations to Vienna residents and businesses.”

The runner-up in the contest will provide dinner to the winning Council from a restaurant within that locality. “In all seriousness we are pleased to be able to encourage our residents to participate in this program and receive a free home energy checkup as part of the program. We both have signed up for the review and hope others will do as well,” said Mayors DiRocco and Tarter. From April 1 through June 30 solar power for homes will be easier and more affordable than ever thanks to another round of Solarize Falls Church, a program that offers bulk purchasing discounts and free solar site assessments to homeowners in select communities in Northern Virginia.