Letters to the Editor: Why Not Compare Property Tax vs. Arlington, Fairfax?


Letters to the Editor: March 26 – April 1, 2015


Why Not Compare Property Tax vs. Arlington, Fairfax?


At the public budget meeting on March 13, our city manager, Wyatt Shields, emphasized that the comparison of City of Falls Church property taxes should be made to other smaller municipalities in Northern Virginia as opposed to Arlington or Fairfax counties. Yet at the same time the Falls Church school board maintains that teacher salaries need to be made competitive with those of Arlington school system, with the resulting rise of four cents per dollar in the tax rate. This inconsistency needs to be noted and brought to the attention of Falls Church voters.

What league is the Little City playing in? If the appropriate comparison of property tax rates is with other smaller municipalities, why is the teacher compensation not compared with the same of the other smaller municipalities? This disparity between the two types of comparison is less than honestly transparent.

The small size of Falls Church means that we cannot afford the many municipal services offered by our much larger neighbors which have significantly lower property tax rates. Getting into an arms race with Arlington County over teacher salaries is not sustainable or sensible. Few lessons are more important to learn in life than is living within one’s means.

If Falls Church schools lose current or prospective teachers to Arlington school system, that is the price for living within the financial means of a small jurisdiction. Other teachers who are fully qualified and competent will be happy to receive the income offered by our school system. It is about time that Falls Church faces up to reality. Citizens here do not have pockets so deep that the tax rate may be increased indefinitely.

Steve Wertime

Falls Church


Thanks for Help With GMHS Mulch Drive


On Saturday, March 21, more than 250 athletes representing 16 spring sports delivered mulch to homes throughout our community in support of George Mason High School’s athletic programs. With the help of volunteer drivers and organizers, students delivered more than 3,000 bags of mulch in just four hours. We would like to thank those students, family members and friends who volunteered their time, as well as those in the community who purchased mulch and made our 22nd annual mulch drive a big success.

Steve Selby, Rob Donovan

Falls Church


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