Chet DeLong 90th Birthday Fêted

The Falls Church Library Board planned a small surprise birthday celebration for Chet DeLong at its monthly meeting Thursday night. It marked his 90th birthday. DeLong is the husband of Carol DeLong, who was Mayor of the City for four two-year terms in the 1980s. He is a retired chemist and has been Vice Chair of the Library Board for many years. De Long has been on the Board since 1994 and volunteering for the library for many years. He has donated over 8,000 hours working on the board and in technical services.

“He has been steadfast in his commitment to excellent library service for the public, highly dependable and capable as a valued volunteer, knowledgeable about the workings of the library and a great advocate for the library,” said Chief Librarian Mary McMahon. He and Ms. DeLong have three girls, and one of their sons-in-law is a member of the City Council, Phil Duncan.