Liberty Tavern Owners Look to Bring Restaurant to Historic F.C. Site

The Blue and Gray building at 205 Park Avenue. (Photo: News-Press)
The Blue and Gray building at 205 Park Avenue. (Photo: News-Press)

The owners of three restaurants in Arlington, successful with operating in older buildings, are moving through the Falls Church Historic Commission and Historic Architectural Advisory Board with an aim to convert one of the oldest buildings in Falls Church into a cafe just a block from City Hall.

Mark Fedorchak, a partner in the ownership group operating The Liberty Tavern, the North Side Social Club and Lyon Hall in Arlington that bought the old Blue and Gray Building at the corner of Park and Maple, told the News-Press, “We truly love Falls Church and there’s no question that we hope to be operating there sometime very soon.”

So far the response from the F.C. historical groups have been favorable, according to News-Press sources, because of the owners’ desire to preserve the integrity of the original structure. Their new Falls Church acquisition is also known as the “Old Cloverdale House” and is the oldest surviving in the City, having been built by Willson Clover in 1797 on W. Broad, later moved to its current location at 205 Park Avenue.  It has been in disuse to all but critters in recent years, according to sources.