Fairfax Services Plan Move to Merrifield

UPDATE: The original article had the wrong main phone number for the Merrifield center and this report has been changed to include the correct number.

More than 400 Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board staff members from several major sites will be moving to a new Merrifield building in January 2015, the county announced this week. During the move, CSB Emergency Services will continue to be available 24/7 at 703-573-5679 and CSB Entry and Referral will continue to be available during regular business hours at 703-383-8500. The main phone number for the Merrifield center is 703-559-3000. Staff at that number will be able to answer questions regarding the move and services at the new center.

For most programs that are relocating to Merrifield, the move takes three business days. Services at the previous site will close when the move starts on Thursday and resume at Merrifield either Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, depending on whether there is a Monday holiday, as is the case with the Jermantown and many of the Woodburn site program moves.