Falls Church Trees Will Light Up This Week on Broad Street

Trees of Falls Church will be aglow this week when branches on West Broad Street will be adorned with holiday lights as part of the City’s pilot tree-lighting program.

Later this week, 30 trees in the 100 and 200 blocks of W. Broad St. will be decorated with low-energy white holiday lights, to create “a festive shopping and dining atmosphere near one of the Falls Church’s busiest intersections,” the City said in a press release Tuesday.  The trees will remain lit well past the holiday season, until March, and then removed to promote healthy tree growth.

The pilot program will be managed by the City government this year and then next year and beyond, the City will partner with businesses for permits and standards for installing lights on street trees. The program was started upon the request of businesses and with the support of the City Council.

The tree lighting program is made possible in part by donations from Atlantic Realty and the Oshinsky Family Limited Partnership.