Ferguson Fêted by Gay Alliance

Each year the Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance has presented two Equality awards, one to an individual and one to an organization, in recognition of their record of working to improve LGBT equality. This year the alliance board voted unanimously to honor Paul Ferguson, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Arlington, which also serves the City of Falls Church, and the Four Seasons Garden Club with the 2014 AGLA Equality Awards.

Ferguson demonstrated unwavering support of the annual Valentine’s Day marriage equality events organized by the People of Faith for Equality in Virginia, according to AGLA, joining the group himself and thanking the crowd for raising awareness of the issue, expressing his support and apologizing for his inability to provide a license for same-sex couples to marry, under law. Ferguson took his support one step further, welcoming couples to his office to personally accept marriage applications, promising to hold those in wait for the couple until the law changed, which it now has.