Letters to the Editor: Proposed Trailer/RV Parking Ordinance is an Overreach

fcnpletterswebLetters to the Editor: November 20 – 26, 2014


Proposed Trailer/RV  Parking Ordinance is an Overreach


Thank you for the article last week about the proposed trailer/RV parking ordinance slated for approval November 24. The proposed ordinance is overreaching and Council should delay passage.

My specific concern involves pickup trucks with caps. Many citizens, including myself, use this pickup truck configuration for personal use. Caps protect bed contents from the weather and spillage from the truck. Truck caps are usually no larger than an SUV. This prohibition should be removed.

Contractors also use pickups with caps to do their daily work. Some contractors are given company vehicles to drive home. The proposed ordinance would unfairly harm these citizen contractors.

The proposed ordinance will also prohibit parking of recreational vehicles on public streets. This would affect visitors from elsewhere in the country travelling in an RV visiting City residents.

The City should not be in the business of micromanaging residential street parking on the level of the type of vehicle and hours parked.

Gordon Theisz

Falls Church

Thanks for the ‘Promotion,’ but No Thanks


Thanks for the “promotion,” but no thanks. I refer to the photo taken at the city Veterans Day ceremony in which I appear and the accompanying caption describing me as a Medal of Honor winner.

In connection with my service during World War II I received awards including the Bronze Star, Silver Star, Presidential Unit Citation and the French Croix de Guerre. I always endeavored to conduct myself with honor, but a medal for that…no. Please correct the record to accurately reflect the facts, including rescission of the incorrect information from your website.

It is honor enough to live in a city like Falls Church that recognizes and values its veterans always.


Roger Neighborgall

Falls Church