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Letters to the Editor: Pair of Financial Mysteries In Last Week’s News-Press


Letters to the Editor: November 6 – 12, 2014

Pair of Financial Mysteries In Last Week’s News-Press


In last week’s News-Press, the article on the school bond said “…allocated up to $10 million for investment in its pension fund (with an average yield of $750,000 annually)…” Really? A consistent 7.5% annual yield? That’s astonishing and deserves explanation!

And then in the article on election issues it says “Not the least benefactor [on the bond referendum] has been the report that the entire project could be funded by cash proceeds from the sale of the City’s water system … combined with $4.2 million in proffers…” In which case, why is the bond needed if the project can be funded without it? Doesn’t this simply remove need/motivation for the bond?

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church


Editorial at Odds With News-Press Editor’s Columns


The News-Press’ October 30 editorial complains about “people who are unhappy with how things are going, and who blame their unhappiness on some dark, indistinct notion of corruption and ill doing in our government.”

I don’t know why the News-Press is complaining since this describes its editor-in-chief Nick Benton to a T. For years, Mr. Benton has regaled us with multi-part sagas on how the CIA and other dark powers are responsible for everything from the 1960s hippie culture to youth cults to military adventurism and more.

Sam Kazman

Falls Church


Congrats on Including GM’s Lasso In the News-Press


Congratulations for including George Mason’s student newspaper, The Lasso in your fine weekly newspaper. I agree with you, it’s important to bring fresh views into the mainstream of communications.

Miles MacIntyre

Via the Internet


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