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America’s War Against Its Dark Side, Part 5

nfbentonpicI’m sorry, but to the extent Joe Biden actually meant to blame indigenous middle eastern cultures for ISIS, he’s just flat wrong.

As I’ve been providing the markers for, in this series, there is only one progenitor for this terrorist cult, and it is The West.

It is these savage killers, above yet not entirely divorced from governmental institutions, who are responsible, the ones behind the U.S.’s unprovoked invasion of Iraq in 2003, triggering a relentless decade of chaos and death in that region.

These are President Obama’s sworn enemies, the dogs of war whose “perpetual war” doctrine guides the neo-conservative political movement in the U.S. By the time Obama began to stubbornly resist a perpetuation of that policy, especially in Iraq in his second term, these forces had already assembled the parameters of their deadly ISIS cult. There can be no doubt the context in which ultra-warmonger Sen. McCain was caught in a photograph comparing notes with ISIS leaders last month.

The strategy is simple: As Obama refuses to adopt a “perpetual war” doctrine in the Middle East, they force him to by unleashing a deadly warrior cult against U.S. interests. So now we have an unprecedented situation for the U.S.: a war not against a sovereign nation but against a cult that controls no recognized boundaries and espouses the most extreme and cruel ideology imaginable, one which could never rule a nation of people except through pure terror.

The ISIS model follows, to a tee, the cult-creation model that sinister pro-fascist elements in the young U.S. CIA adopted in the early 1950s and found could be successfully spread worldwide, including in the domestic U.S.

It was a method aimed at brainwashing, or thought control, in which the tightly controlled parameters of a cult were discovered to be by far the most effective way to hold subjects in a brainwashed state over time.

The tightly controlled environment of the cult permits the victims, one by one, to be recruited and held in its sway, adopting whatever belief structure the cult offers, and binding the victims to controlled daily and hourly regimens that play into whatever purpose is defined for the cult.

The CIA started developing these cults in the mid-1950s, when they shaped the precursors of bin Laden’s al-Qaeda cult, such as the many varieties of Mujahiden freedom fighters, trained and armed by the CIA to fight against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Osama bin Laden, himself, perfectly fit the profile of the cult recruit, coming from a wealthy family to repudiate his wealth and privilege to join a cult bent on radical change.

In the U.S., parallels were developed in U.S. prisons that became models for inner city Black and Latino gangs, and white supremacists, soaked as with other cults by drugs and violence, with the goal the destruction of progressive movements inspired by the ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King and others.

Richard Burrett of the Soufan Group of cult experts in the U.S. was interviewed for CNN this week about the parallels between the recruitment techniques and appeal of ISIS and traditional U.S. cult groups, especially Jim Jones’ Jonestown fiasco, which was hastily “terminated” as a U.S. intelligence operation with mass suicides in 1978.

His citations of close parallels beg all the questions being raised in this series.

President Obama can do more to undermine this murderous deceit in the Middle East today by drawing together leaders of the region to thoroughly expose this sinister operation and to show how it is aimed against the self-interests of everyone involved who is not a card-carrying member of the U.S. neo-conservative “military and industrial complex.”

There is no reason to continue the charade behind which intelligence interests carry out their kabuki posturing at the expense of so many innocent lives.

In this context, sniveling weasels like comedian Bill Maher need to be “outed,” as actor Ben Affleck did so well on HBO’s Maher show last week. The pseudo-progressive Maher was exposed by an incensed Affleck as a hate mongering anti-Islamic tool, working to undermine the strategy to isolate ISIS from mainstream Islam, which is why I always say, “Never trust a nihilist libertarian anarchist.”