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Press Pass: Justin Currie

Justin Currie, frontman of the alternative rock band Del Amitri, wrote the following on “Every Song’s The Same,” – track two on his latest album Lower Reaches:

“Let me teach you how to write a song / The first line must be brief but strong /
And the second line should rhyme with something in your baby’s heart /
Something that they know but cannot name / And in that way every song’s the same.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Tom Sheehan)
(Photo: Courtesy of Tom Sheehan)

Currie, who whittled down over 30 demo tracks for his third solo album, said that he’s not a believer in process when it comes to songwriting. “Songs just come along and demand to be written and you go and write them,” Currie said. “If they dry up, you go and do something else. You go to the pub or something.”

He added that boredom and solitude are great ways to stay open to the inspiration that leads to writing a song. So it’s no surprise that when the Glaswegian singer moved into a remote cottage on the island of Skye in 2012 he wrote 15 songs in 11 days. “Falsetto,” “On A Roll,” “On My Conscience,” and “Half of Me” – all songs on Lower Reaches – were written while he was living on Skye.

“One of the biggest motivations for anything is boredom,” Currie said. “So if there’s no internet connection and there’s nothing on the telly and there’s not a lot to do except to walk up and look at hilltops it’s quite a bit easier to write songs.”

Lower Reaches was released in the United Kingdom in August of 2013, where it reached #46 on the U.K. Albums Chart. Currie started touring in the United States last Saturday in support of deluxe version of the album, which he released with Compass Records in April 2014. He’ll be playing at Jammin’ Java in Vienna tonight.

“I’m looking forward to playing Jammin’ Java. I’ve done it twice before and I really enjoyed it,” Currie said. “The audience is really up for it. There’s a bar at the back – I always like that – so if you’re bored you can go have a beer at the bar.”

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