At Mason District Meeting on 7 Corners, Citizens Want Roads Fixed First

News-Press photo
News-Press photo

A large gathering of citizens and representatives of citizens groups applauded loudly Tuesday night at all public remarks favoring a solution to the transportation issues at the Seven Corners section of Fairfax County on the border of the City of Falls Church before any increase in residential or commercial density occurs. It is the transportation fix component of the “revisioning” efforts of the Seven Corners Task Force that has leaders in Falls Church the most rattled, as it includes a significant intrusion into the F.C. City limits that no one before last week had ever heard about.

While the task force made a presentation to the Falls Church Planning Commission last week, their plans to build a “ring road” around the bottlenecked section of Route 7 by carving into Falls Church territory came up repeatedly with strong expressions of concern at this Monday’s Falls Church City Council meeting. And while county officials tried to calm City officials by saying the transportation plans are way down the road, tonight’s insistence by Fairfax residents that the roads put at the head of the priority list before other components are addressed could change that in a hurry.

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