At $18.5 Million, F.C. Agent Makes Largest Home Sale in Northern Virginia History

THE FINAL PARCEL of George Washington’s Mount Vernon was sold by Falls Church real estate agent Theresa Wiford. (Courtesy photo)
THE FINAL PARCEL of George Washington’s Mount Vernon was sold by Falls Church real estate agent Theresa Wiford. (Courtesy photo)

By Katie Davidson

George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon has become an historic landmark, one which welcomes about one million guests each year. But the buildings and gardens that those guests visit are only a portion of the original estate our nation’s first president owned in the mid and late 1700s. Over the years, pieces of the original estate have been sold. In March, the final parcel of Washington’s Mount Vernon was sold, and at the price of $18.5 million dollars it became the largest sale in Northern Virginia history. The sale was made by Falls Church City resident and TTR Sotheby’s International Realty real estate agent Theresa Twiford.

For Twiford, the historical significance behind the property was one of the most interesting aspects of the sale. This estate is “no doubt the most historical property I have ever shown,” she said. Named the River View Estate, the 16.5-acre property includes more than 300 feet of river frontage, a manor house, a guesthouse, and a carriage house. It is part of the 8,000 acres of Mount Vernon’s original property, which surround the historic site. Twiford earned her master’s degree in history and sociology, so researching and exploring the property was a major focal point for her.


“It is absolutely stunning; with so much history, it was an amazing place to get to work,” Twiford said.

Twiford was chosen to sell the property because of her extensive knowledge of land use and development, so she was able to assist potential buyers who had intentions of developing the land for multi-home usage. But Twiford hoped that her research on the historical significance of the property would encourage buyers to consider the history and keep the land together. While her development skill made showing the house easier, she was pleased that the buyer intends to keep the estate in one piece and not develop it.

Twiford’s early experience in real estate came through finding homes for her family. As the wife of an active-duty military member, she and her family moved around the globe, living in 10 different states and traveling abroad twice before settling in the City of Falls Church. Through her frequent moves, she became accustomed to house-hunting and exploring different real estate options before she and her family arrived at their new locale.

“Everywhere we would go, my job became sort of securing the place to live,” Twiford said.

Twiford has been a resident of The Little City for three years now, and plans to stay in the City permanently. TTR Sotheby’s is currently expanding into new areas, and Twiford will have the City as a focus. Twiford is “thrilled to be serving Falls Church City because it is such a wonderful, blossoming area,” she said.

Twiford enjoys selling properties with “integrity, and something special about them, of which there are many in Falls Church City.” She is looking forward to her years to come in the City and believes “it is an exciting time to live and work in Falls Church City.”