Planners Bemoan, But OK, Lot Split

While voting unanimously to approve the subdivision of two residential lots at 600 Abbott Lane in Falls Church, in accordance with the law, Falls Church Planning Commission Vice Chair Melissa Teates lamented the development at Monday’s Planning Commission meeting, saying that while it is allowed under the law, there is no fiscal or aesthetic benefit to the City, with lots of trees to be lost in the process. In fact, she suggested the subdivision would wind up costing the City money, since single family residential units in the City are a net negative, from a City revenue and expenditure point of view. Planning Commissioner Lindy Hockenberry said she shared Teates’ sentiments on the matter.

Meanwhile, a controversial subdivision of two residential lots in the 1200 block of Lincoln Avenue has proven lucrative for the property owners, with two new homes built at 1205 A and B Lincoln Ave. sold in March for $1,145,000 and $1,152,000 respectively. But on the matter of substandard lots, City property owners have only until Aug. 1 to win City Hall approval of plans for them.