Simon Speaks to F.C. League of Women Voters

State Rep. Marcus Simon described the highs and lows of his first months representing the City of Falls Church in the House of Delegates at the 63rd annual meeting of the League of Women Voters of Falls Church, held May 17 at Tea with Mrs. B.

Simon said that he was proud that even though he was a freshman legislator and a member of the minority party, he was able to get two pieces of legislation passed – two more, he said, than any other freshman Democrat. One of those bills enabled Falls Church to modify its charter so that the City Council could elect a new mayor and the School Board, a chair in January, following the switch of the city elections to November. But Simon said he had concluded that “it is much easier to kill a bill than it is to pass one.” Still, he said, “I’m in awe of the process,” and grateful that “even in my first year, I was able to make a positive impact.” He said he was excited to be “the person pushing the ‘vote’ button when it counts,” and also learned that he could also “speak up to oppose bad bills.”